The death of a loved one can be a very difficult time. Our agency is here to help guide you through the process of reporting the passing of a family member covered under the Federal Police Pension Program.

How to report the death of a retiree who may have a surviving spouse:

Contact the Office of Pay and Retirement Services(OPRS) at (202)741-8660 and provide the following information:

If the annuitant did not live for the entire month, OPRS will request deceased's financial institution to return the pension payment or if the deceased was receiving a paper check, the transaction will be canceled. If the attempt to retrieve the pension payment is unsuccessful, it may result in an adverse impact to future survivor benefits.

Our office must receive a death certificate within 60 days of the date the annuitant passed away. Failure to provide the death certificate may result in a suspension of future payments.

After submitting the information to the Office of Pay and Retirement Services, you must inform the District of Columbia Police and Firefighter's Retirement Relief Board at (202)442-7627. The agency will forward an Application for Survivor Benefits to the widow or widower. The completed application must be returned to the District of Columbia Police and Firefighter's Retirement Relief Board for approval. Once the Board has approved the Application for Survivor Benefits, they will forward the appropriate authorization to OPRS to place the new survivor onto the pension payroll.

To claim FEGLI benefits for the death of an annuitant:

Select the following link to be redirected to the Office of Personnel Management: